Tenant Resources

Tenant Resources Page

Our staff is committed to providing a clean, professional environment for student groups, offices,and businesses with operating space in Duncan Student Center.

If you do not find the information below that you are seeking, please ask any of our staff for assistance.


Supervisors may request ID card and key access to Duncan for their direct reports. Download the form below and email to duncansc@nd.edu. All fields must be completed. Building occupants should NOT use the AIM system to request keys directly. All keys are issued and tracked through the Duncan Facility Manager.

Duncan Card / Key Access Request form 

*This form must be completed by supervisor or designated department contacts. 

If you forget your office key and ask our staff to provide access to your space, you will be required to show ID. Only authorized individuals will be permitted to access offices and storage rooms. 





Building occupants should read and be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). An EAP describes the actions employees should take in case of fire or other emergency situations.

Duncan Student Center Emergency Action Plan

In compliance with Risk Management and Safety, all  employees working in Duncan Student Center must read and understand the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Please read the EAP and sign the acknowledgement form  found here: 

EAP Acknowledgement Form 



Duncan  / LaFortune Hours by Department (view only)

Department contacts should keep this sheet up-to-date. Elevators and doors are programed based on this information



If you have a maintenance issue (burned out light bulbs, temperature concerns), use this form to notify the facility manager. Building occupants should not submit AIM work orders for facility-related issues. Please use the form below so that we can track and follow up on the issues. A FOAPAL may be required for issues other than facility maintenance. 

Building Maintenance Form



Tenant policies are reviewed on an annual basis. Questions can be directed to Ron Grisoli